Regular Expression Daemon


Rex Daemon stands for REgular EXpressions DAEMON, it is intended to extract keywords from big documents or data flows.

The main benefit is to offload frontal web servers, therefore, Rex Daemon is designed to be part of Web Oriented Architectures. It can also be part of embedded systems


Rex Daemon is available for download for free under the non-commercial Creative Common License.


Rex Daemon can handle thousands of regular expressions, it provides better performances than php or perl scripts, consume less memory and benefits from web servers programming experience.

Thus, Rex Daemon can perform real-time observation on the stock market, apply security filters on TCP or HTTP traffic, extract keywords from big law artices or just help to classify web sites.

This list is not exhaustive, in facts, Rex Daemon is a technology intended to help you to building your data-mining and flow control projects.


On this mini website, you will learn how to load and query your own database.


Note that Rex Daemon is in alpha release and distributed as proof of concept. If you wish to help us or if you find a bug, feel free to contact us here !



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Published on  March 16th, 2017

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